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 Game Advises

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PostSubject: Game Advises   Sat Jul 19, 2008 3:41 pm

Give suggestions here of how to play better ...

I will not start because I'm here to learn, I am a noob xD, I play poorly, although the Slay say that I know ... : P

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PostSubject: Re: Game Advises   Sun Jul 20, 2008 2:05 am

hehe :p well you don't play that bad I guess.. but the tip is when you go around a corner than duck... because mostly the others aim high and so you can hit theyr feet Wink and they shoot above you
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PostSubject: Re: Learn With the Best's   Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:44 am

i think we have to change the title to "game advises"cuz this game is for teams.
if you have no cover then you ll die,so i think no one is better from some1 who has his team cover him.
here is my gameplay(maybe its wrong but if i found a better way to play i ll change it):
when im playing i change my gameplay in 2 categories.
1st)when we play 5 vs 5 or less
see who follows you or who you follow
always go with or 2 guy but no all together
if you are front of a guy then use the cam of the other players not his cam,
KEEP DISTANCE from the other players,and if some1 is front of you then use his cam.if he dies then dont move,hide and dont change his cam for 5 or 7 seconds,his cam will be red but you can see if some1 comes.if the guy who is front of you is sprayed or naded then again dont move until you see the enemy coming to arrest him.this isnt camp!!!
when you use spray or taze and you see your enemy trying to nade you,then spray him or taze him and RUN like the wind to find a wall or a room to hide before the explosion,dont try to arrest before you see the room is clear or a mate
who covers you.
2nd)if the map isnt big then its chaos...so dont run like a crazy here and there.take your time and use more your
primary weapon.
dont go with all your team from the 1 way.if you can see in all maps there are 2 ways from the respawn.try to make 2 teams(3 from the one way and 3 from the other)
always watch who is back who is front,who is with you and who is not.
use only the cam from the guy who is front of you and sometimes change to an other guy from the other way to see
the situation there.and also HEAR the "fall in","i need backup",and stuff like that cuz if you like to play with cams,this is a nice way for you to know where is every suspect or cop.if you cant play with cams then good luck to you hehe
and also sometimes press the O button to see who is alive and not to see the score lol.
here you have to be more carefull with the nades so try to use more spray than nades and tazer.
but if you like the explosions then have fun but watch your fire.
if the map is big then its the same with the 1st.
thats all from me.
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PostSubject: Re: Game Advises   Sat Aug 30, 2008 4:25 am

my ingame advice is treat every game different,

no 1 game round or map is the same,

the only advice i can say and think in honestly it applies to rapid deployment is the more you play, you learn,

take note of where peopl like to camp, that way you could run in certain places and then slow it down as you get near to where people camp and maybe run to the next hot spot


By far the best tip i can offer is, if not sure about a room, send someone else in or wait for someone else to go in, try to watch there cam, if they die, you know someone in there, if they dont, well i guess they get the bomb lol, but you can provide cover
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PostSubject: Re: Game Advises   Sun Aug 31, 2008 12:45 pm

I dunno if im allowed to post here or not but ill risk it ^^

Bro to play good most important and sure shot method of success is -- Practice. More u practice more u will learn , no substitute.
I have been playing swat4 since 3 years still when i play i learn new stuff every time.

Now for some skills part.

First of all if you dont have Good headphones and sound setting { music off so that u can hear footsteps} done swat 4 isnt for you .
This is a basic requirement , change u r sound setting and make music 0 so that u can hear every footstep and every door close/open in map .
you will hear and u will know 99 % which direction enemy coming from.

1 v1 - use headhpones + sound settings and always move crouched so you dont make footsteps noise

2 v2 - eaither play as bait or play as cover , choose what u r good at . also go crouched if u go as bait.use partners cam always !

3 v3 - im a noob at this so i wont say stuff.

4 v4 - make 2 team of 2 -2 each. 1 team goes from front other attack from behind

5 vs 5 - alway move with at least 1 person as a cover behind you or as you covering him. use cams to cover and keep distance so enemy don't see u both at same time or stings dont get u both. In 5 v5 use less taken path for example in abomb map - don't go in disco u r bound to get killed , go 1st floor or end room u will surely find some of the opponent guy lingering there and an easy arest for u .

Trick that always have worked for me ---> In swat always take the route u r enemy least expects you to come from even if it means taking the longer route.If u have the element of surprise u will get the enemy 90 % of the time.
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PostSubject: Re: Game Advises   Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:00 pm

omg rat , i thought i only new the dead cam thingy, good job.

just to make some corrections:

1.every clan trys to be like what you said here ( choose your partner and go with him)
the big problem is that every one may guess that you (the enemy may have a cover somewhere near the first enemy so if he is taking spray or nades he will make sure he clears the room first then he take the next steps i.e arrest vip , ( thats not cause you posted it here , its very common)

so we better don't think we do real great with the simple team work

2. Pepper the best even better than primary weapon , you can always rush with pepper no matter even if vip is in there cause you won't kill vip on the other hand you can make sure enemys near vip are in control.

3. the sus have arested vip , the timer shows 10 secs , you have lost?

thats even worse than team killing vip , i have realeased vip my self like 5 times when the vip was arrested the timer was out WITH SUS NEAR VIP!!!

always think that you can still win even if you're in bad situation and vip's gonna die. sus usually camp to kill vip when the time is up , so one good way could be:
1- nade the room
2- kill the sus then free vip
3- free vip first if you thing other sus may come from ther locations so you don't loose time(your choice)

thanks DaN for his great advices anyway Muscles
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PostSubject: Re: Game Advises   Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:41 am

My advice hihi.
Just have fun and enjoyn gaming. Dont stress to much Smile
Its all advice i can give
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PostSubject: Re: Game Advises   

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Game Advises
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