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PostSubject: ISPrazor95PL-rejoin   Mon May 04, 2009 1:53 am

1. Your Swat Name ? If you use 2 or 3 Swat Names I need all that you will useISprazor95PL; DJ GipZ
2. Your Real Name ?Marek
3. Your Age ?14
4. If your male or female ?male
5. Your Country ?Poland
6. Your Timezone ?I don't know the full name of it, but it's GMT+1 hour
7. The Languages you speak ?Polish, English and less German
8. The amount of time you spend playing Swat?about 3 hours at weekends. From July to August I play more than 3 hours a day
9. If you have been in any other clans please tell us which and tell us why you decide to leave ? Only SWT(kicked because of inactivity)
10. Why would you like to join SWTThat's the best clan I've ever seen
11. Please email me with a picture of yourself for the website to slaygirl@live.co.uk my email is mareczek-1995@o2.pl
12. Your Birthday ?16 November 1995
13. Do you prefer Barracade Suspects or VIP? Barra
14. Your highest score ? about 70 pts at full server and about 100 at serv with 4 ppl
15. What is your Xfire ? isprazor95pl
16. Please give names of at least 2 SWT members that you have played with that can recommend you to join? Slaygirl and Proffy
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